As 2014 begins many people make resolutions to get healthier, eat better and accomplish more. How many people put their faith life on the list of things to deepen, expand and learn about.

The depths of the Church

Is it easy to learn about the depth of the Catholic faith, what about your Christian roots? The information out there on the history of the church is plentiful. Just start googling catholic, or ask around. There are many resources.

Where did it all begin? Christmas 2013 has just passed, and we celebrated the coming of the Saviour. For the last 2000 years people have come before us and lived their lives according to scripture, and worked within and without the Catholic Church. Many of the movers and shakers of the last 2000 years have been saints. They impacted social norms, art, history, and society.

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Miracles and Milk!

Incredible miracles happened with the saints. Jesus changed water into wine, but what about filling a pail with milk? It’s happened. St. Brigid of Ireland was generous with all of those around her, but one day she was a afraid that she had given too much away.

Kids will love this short story.

Lord, fill my bucket with milk!

St Brigid of Ireland

St Brigid of Ireland

Saint Brigid of Ireland

Brigid was born a short time after St Patrick began spreading Jesus’ message in Ireland.  She grew up knowing and loving Jesus.  She had a great love for poor people and would often share food and clothes with them.  Once she gave a whole pail of milk to people who were hungry.  As she walked home, she began to worry that her mother would be upset with her.  She asked to God to fill her pail and by the time she got home, her pail was full of milk. Brigid became a nun and started her own convent.  She was so lovely and gentle that many people referred to her as Mary of the Irish.”

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