After only one year, the Saint of the Day for Kids app is proud to be able to move onto another mobile platform. For $1.99 you can have 365 Saints, their biographies, and a drawn picture to colour not only on your iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad), but also your Android devices. We have tested it on as many as we can, and we look forward to feedback on how we can make this new platform even better.

You can find Catholic Saints on the play store, but can you find the Saint of the Day for Kids app? It is right here:

Now Available on  Google Play

Catholic Saints are now on your phone!

This summer, why not engage your kids in learning about the lives of the saints, inspire them with their bravery, and their faith. Now on virtually any device!

On to the Saint of the Day for Today:

St. Blaise

Blaise learned about Jesus as a boy. He was always concerned about the troubles of the world but found great joy in Jesus. He became a priest and then a Bishop. He was always trying to do good and to help people. He was arrested for his belief in Jesus, because the ruler of Armenia did not believe in God and would not let Christians practise their faith. As he was being taken to prison, people gathered on the roadside to see him one last time. A young boy was choking on a fishbone and his mom brought him forward to Bishop Blaise. Bishop Blaise prayed for the boy and saved his life. That is why we ask St. Blaise for prayers to protect us from sickness of the throat. On his feast day we have our throats blessed with two candles. Bishop Blaise was martyred for his faith because he would not stop believing in Jesus.


Saint Blaise, you are such a great example to us of trusting in God and saying yes to whatever he asks us to do. Pray for us, that we would have the same trust in God and the same courage to say yes. Saint Blaise’s feast is on February 3.