10 07, 2018

Some feedback from a happy family

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Praying with kids is a challenge. We had an issue with our app that the Saints were skipping around and not landing on the correct date. A user brought this to my attention, which is great! Her feedback after we worked toward resolving the issue was this: Thanks, I appreciate your update to the app but more importantly I appreciate the app and how it's enriched our evening prayer time with our children. We begin our evening prayers with reading the saint of the day (and the kids like to see the picture) then ask that saint to intercede for us before we continue with the rest of our prayers. It's been such a great way for all of us to learn about the saints! Thanks, Gisele What Praying With Your Kids Does That is an awesome feeling. This is what all four of us had in mind when we started this project two+ years ago. We wanted to impact our own families. But more importantly we wanted to get others on a journey where they can be inspired and encourage their kids. Is it easy to be dedicated and do it every day like Gisele? No, it isn't. BUT, this app is there for a quick boost in your [...]

19 03, 2018

Top Five Catholic Apps

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I am a father of four. I work as a freelance graphic designer and freelance webmaster. Sometimes getting to prayer with four kids under 8 is a challenge for me. Catholic apps on my iPad or iPhone give me the resources to what I need for my faith. These top five Catholic apps have helped me to have more time for prayer and connect my kids with prayer as well. Catholic Faith Based Apps 1. Saint of the Day for Kids App $1.99 Of course I am going to recommend my own app. However, it is because we use it pretty regularly with our kids. My oldest (he's eight) isn't so much interested in the colouring pages any more, but he is interested in reading about the lives of the Saints. They aren't long or complicated, perhaps that is why he likes it. It is also our own go to app for Saint info. Saint of the Day for Kids. Same price as a colouring book, and a lot more information. :) We use it daily. 2. Confession - $1.99 Designed to be used in the confessional, this app is the perfect aid for every penitent. With a personalized examination of conscience for each user, password protected profiles, and a step-by-step guide [...]

3 03, 2018

Saint of the Day for Kids App Review from a Catholic Homeschooling Mom

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Pam Barnhill, over at gave us a great review and some fabulous suggestions for keeping our app up to date! Thank you, Pam! Her review was good, but read about her favorite part of the app. It's great! We love it when we get suggestions and feedback! Homeschool App We have heard our app has been used by homeschooling parents, Mom's and Dad's, to help gain interest in the lives of the saints. For us, it was difficult to find a resource that was age appropriate, and short enough that didn't involve a lot of difficult reading. Short little bites of information on a saint may trigger your kids to explore more about a particular saint. We left some of the details of their death in the descriptions, but left out the more gruesome details. Many were killed for their faith, and even though for many it is difficult to imagine, it was a reality. Thank you Pam Barnhill for a great review!  

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