Learn About Your Spiritual Ancestors!

Saint of the Day for Kids application provides you and your children access to hundreds of Saints lives.

In a language that kids can understand, and appropriate for any age, we have compiled a Saint for everyday† of the year. Each of the descriptions, can be shared and posted to Facebook. You can print a full page† with any airprint enabled printer. You can email the description and a thumbnail to anyone on your device.

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Saints Alive

Short Easy to understand stories about the lives these Saints lived.

Most of us never seem to experience the wonder and excitement that many Saints experienced. Our idea of saints comes from the windows in the Church. They were real people, gain knowledge from an easy to read description, and pray along with many others with the included prayers. Created with kids in mind, the descriptions are easy to understand.

Email Post and Share

Make collections with your own mixes or your playlists and share them with all of your friends with the click of a button.

Email any any contact on your device. Post a reminder to your family and friends of the Saint of the Day, and colour and print so that you can remember today’s Saint of the Day.

AirPrint Enabled

The app has the ability to print a large, colourable saint image for your children (or yourself) to colour. It can print to any iOS print enabled device. Learn more about AirPrint: Airprint

Store Your Favorites

You can tag your favorites, or family favorites.

My Daughter had a grade 2 assignment to research a saint. Totally forgot about it until tonight. She needed to have info printed off to take to school tomorrow. We looked online only to find long, graphic and hard to understand information. Then I remembered about the Saints 4 Kids App which I have on my iPhone. A few seconds later we had some age appropriate bios printed off. Nice work guys! Saints 4 Kids saved me! – iOS app User.

365 Saints Ready!