The Rosary can be challenging for kids to get a grasp on. It is long, and seems to go on forever. This is a printable rosary guide, it can be for kids, or just for yourself.

Our children went through confirmation and first communion in second grade (age 8), and many of the deep prayers of the church seemed to overwhelm them. I created this printable for them to have at their bed side, taped to their bedroom wall, so that they could see that there was an end, and to be able to read along.

We found it helpful to always have rosaries around. Our kids are used to using them, touching them, so that they feel comfortable holding it when it comes time to pray. If you can only get through one decade, it’s okay. Mary is a mother too.

I hope that you can use this with your kids, or school. It has the new missal format for the Apostle’s creed.Printable Rosary for Kids screenshot

Printable Rosary Guide