Tech-thursday-248x300Pam Barnhill, over at gave us a great review and some fabulous suggestions for keeping our app up to date! Thank you, Pam!

Her review was good, but read about her favorite part of the app. It’s great!

We love it when we get suggestions and feedback!

Homeschool App

We have heard our app has been used by homeschooling parents, Mom’s and Dad’s, to help gain interest in the lives of the saints. For us, it was difficult to find a resource that was age appropriate, and short enough that didn’t involve a lot of difficult reading. Short little bites of information on a saint may trigger your kids to explore more about a particular saint. We left some of the details of their death in the descriptions, but left out the more gruesome details. Many were killed for their faith, and even though for many it is difficult to imagine, it was a reality.

Thank you Pam Barnhill for a great review!